About Us

Music 46 is GTA #1 audio equipment retailer and rental shop.
We carry all the popular brand and thrive on excellent customer service.

What we really do?

Music 46 provides Pro Audio, Video and Lighting products and services across the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you are looking to build a studio, become a DJ or even add on to your current sound system, Music 46 will be your best friend. We also provide high quality rental equipment and services at affordable rates. From weddings to birthday parties, business meetings to concerts we strive to make your event a success!

Our Vision

At Music 46, we strive for customer satisfaction. With the most competitive prices on our products and services, we want our customers to do the most with their money. We are constantly working harder to help new and current individuals in the industry to get better at what they do.

History of the Company

Before Music 46 was established, the founders were simply just musicians that felt that there was not a consumer friendly store for Pro Audio equipment rentals. Music 46 was founded in April, 2014, providing production/rental services across the Greater Toronto Area. With years of set-up and technical expertise, Music 46 opened up its first location in Vaughan, Ontario.

Cooperate with Us!

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What can we do for you ?

Music 46 believes in excellent customer service and we are easy to get in touch with.

We ship our products every day at 5pm. Most of our shipments are shipped the same day you order and receive in within 2 business days. We use Canada Post, UPS and Fedex.

We carry almost every known brand in Pro Audio. If you are looking for a specific brand that is not showing on our website, we can still get it for you.

We provide a hassle free rentals experience. Call us to rent Speaker, Mixers, Lighting, Projectors etc.