Lida Lee

Пойми (Acoustic)


Lida Lee


Lida Lee (Lydia Skorubskaya) was born in Kyïv, Ukraine. After participating in the show “X-Factor” and “Voice of the Country”, she became the first artist produced by the singer Dima Monatik (she was in his team for Voice of the Country and also previously worked as one of his backup singers).

In 2020, her first video was shot in the prestigious Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater for the single “Достопримечательность” (Attraction). MONATIK makes a few appearances there.

In 2021, Lida Lee introduced the song “Пойми” (Understand), which will be included in the artist’s debut album. The official video shot at the Odessa Navy Museum features a tango choreographed by Denis Stulnikov. The song and its difficult choreography are presented as a picture of his life, a condensed feelings.

The video presented is an acoustic version of the song (sponsored by the Bacardi brand, to be consumed with moderation).


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