Time To Rise feat. Master Kong Nay



Vannda Mann ( ម៉ាន់ វណ្ណដា ) is a Khmer (Cambodian) hip-hop producer, songwriter, rapper and R&B singer living in Phnom Penh.
He began his career in 2014, with his first song and first hit with Cambodian youth ឈឺទេ Chher Te (“Does It hurt” in English).

For four years (2016-2020), he worked on his first album titled SKULLTHEALBUM on the theme of the life cycle (birth, illness, aging, and death).

In 2021, his song “Time to Rise”, a mixture of traditional Khmer culture and rap, with the participation of Master Kong Nay, a music legend in Cambodia, achieved international success.


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ឈឺទេ Chher Te


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