Oum El Ghaït Benessahraoui, known as Oum, is a Moroccan singer-songwriter. Considered an ambassador of Moroccan culture, she mixes Hassani, jazz, gospel, soul, Afrobeat and Sufi music in her songs.

After the success of her two albums released only in Morocco (Lik’Oum in 2009 and Sweerty in 2012), Oum began to write for the first time in Darija, a common Moroccan Arabic dialect

In 2013, she released her first international album “Soul of Morocco”. It features the song “TARAGALTE”.

Two years later, the album “Zarabi”, recorded at the gates of the Sahara, deepens the aesthetic orientation favored by Oum while carrying a discourse on the need to preserve nature and traditional micro societies. As a first track, we discover the song “Nia”.

With her third international album in 2019 “Daba” (Now), the singer takes a new step. The singer unites in this “now” traditional elements, Arab and Sahrawi, and discreet borrowings to more contemporary aesthetics, soul, jazz and electro trance. We discover the song “Rhyam”.


Bonus Track

TARAGALTE (Soul Of Morocco)




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