Chila Jatun

Te Burlaste de Mi (Salay)


Chila Jatun

Chila Jatun is a Bolivian folkloric group created in 2008. Formed by eight young people from Cochabamba, five of them are cousins who have in common their youth and the tradition of the family name Hermosa.

Indeed, the five cousins are sons of the members of “Los Kjarkas”, one of the most popular Andean folk music groups in the history of the country.

The Chila Jatun, want to take over and be the new generation that spreads the Latin American folklore in their country. The name of the group is a contraction of “Chila” (small) and “Jatun” (big).

They create their own songs and make their own arrangements inspired by the Bolivian tradition.

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