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Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne is an American country rock duo consisting of brothers T.J. Osborne (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and John Osborne (lead guitar, background vocals).

Born in Deale, Maryland, the duo signed a recording contract with EMI Records Nashville in 2012. Their musical style is inspired by Southern rock, outlaw country and neo-traditional country, with a particular emphasis on the stylings of T.J.’s lead vocals and John’s guitar playing.

“It Ain’t My Fault” is a standout track from the Brothers Osborne’s 2016 debut album, “Pawn Shop”. The track is co-written by Lee Thomas Miller and brothers John and TJ Osborne.

The song is about a guy who stubbornly and humorously refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. If the interpretations of the Official Music Video may suggest a political criticism, Lee Thomas Miller said in an interview that the origin of the song was simpler “I have four children. I’ve always been amazed when I come home and all the stuff is broken, but nobody broke the stuff.”

In October 2020, the Osborne brothers released a third studio album, titled Skeletons. The album features songs written by the brothers, with several Nashville songwriters. The album has since spawned the single “All Night.”

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All Night


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