Loney, dear



Loney, dear

Emil Svanängen, better known under the pseudonym “Loney, Dear” is a Swedish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Pianist in a jazz trio, he formed a new band in the early 2000s and self-produced four albums, homemade CDs with a mini-disc player and his personal computer (“The Year Of River Fontana (2003)”, “Citadel Band (2004)”, “Loney, Noir” (2005), “Sologne (2005) .

Spotted in 2007 by the label Sub Pop, he will release the album “Loney Noir (2007)”, then the albums “Dear John (2009)” and “Hall Music (2011)” under the label Polyvinyl Record Co.

After six years and many changes in his personal and professional life, he finds himself at an artistic crossroads.

He signed in 2017 with Peter Gabriel and Real World Records for his new album “Loney Dear (2017)”. An album with a lighter style, a more austere tone and darker tendencies, a new beginning. We find there the titles “Hulls” and “Sum”.

In 2021, Loney Dear released the more intimate and minimalist album, ” A Lantern and a Bell ” on Real World Records from which is extracted the title ” Go Easy On Me Now “.

Bonus Track

Sum (live at Real World Studios)


Go Easy on Me Now (Sirens + emergencies)


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