Sidi Bémol



Sidi Bémol

Hocine Boukella (aka Sidi Bemol) is an Algerian composer and musician.

Through 8 albums from “Cheikh Sidi Bémol” in 1998 to “L’Odyssée de Fulay” in 2017, he marks by his originality and diversity of styles, mixing blues, rock and local music (gnawi, chaabi, Kabyle) whose album “El Bandit” in 2003 (containing the title “Ma Kayen Walou Kima l’Amour”), but also Celtic music (“Paris Alger Bouzeguène” in 2010), sea songs gleaned from all over the world adapted into Kabyle (“Izlan Ibahriyen vol. I in 2008 and vol. II in 2013) or a mix between jazz and gypsy music from Radjasthan “Afya” in 2014.

In 2020, he released a new album “Chouf!” (Look!), dedicated to the smile revolution and Algerian youth, Sid Bemol returns to his first love: traditional rhythms colored with blues and rock.

In 2020, he will also release the song “Asefru” in tribute to the Algerian singer Idir (El Hamid Cheriet) who died in 2020.


Bonus Track

Ma Kayen Walou Kima l'Amour (2012)


Asefru, Hommage de Sidi Bémol à Idir


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