Tautumeitas is a Latvian folk/world music band formed in 2015. Exclusively female, it originally consisted of six female singers, it now has five.

The group uses the melodies and lyrics of Latvian folk songs and fuses them with modern rhythms and productions.

In 2019, during the Tautumeitas tour 2019, they perform the song Bārainīte (Bar Waitress)

In 2018, on the occasion of the “Zelta Mikrofons”(Annual Latvian Music Recording Awards), they perform Aulejas klezmers (The klezmer of Aulejas) accompanied by the Latvian band Auļi

(Klezmer refers to Jewish instrumental music from Eastern Europe as well as its more contemporary variants. Aulejas is a small town in Latvia).

In 2022 , they dedicated the song “Rūžiņu duorziņā” (“In a Bunch of Roses”) to the Ukrainian people.


Bonus Track

Aulejas klezmers (feat Auļi)


Rūžiņu duorziņā (Live)


Random videos

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