Bi-2 (Би-2)

Я никому не верю (I don't trust anyone)


Bi-2 (Би-2)

Bi-2 is a Belarusian and Russian alternative rock, post-punk band formed in 1988 in Bobruisk. The founders and permanent members are Shura Bi-2 (guitar, vocals) and Lyova Bi-2 (lead vocals).

Their discography includes more than ten studio albums, as well as singles, duets, movie soundtracks and several albums recorded with European symphony orchestras.

On February 3, 2022, the group released a new maxi-single “Je ne fais confiance à personne” accompanied by a video directed by Max Shishkin.

A few months later in June 2022, a single entitled “Berceuse” is released, as well as a video for it, again directed by Max Shishkin. The video and the song are dedicated to the memory of Alena Meshkova, a close friend of the musicians, who passed away at the end of 2021.

They can also be found in February 2016, in the premiere of the video “Compromise” of the project “2016: Final Tour #16plus”.


Bonus Track

Компромисс (Compromise)


Колыбельная (Lullaby)


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