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Jesse Cook

Jesse Arnaud Cook (known as Jesse Cook) is a Canadian guitarist, composer and music producer. His music is characterized by the incorporation of elements of flamenco rumba, jazz and other world music (such as Brazilian samba or Persian music).

He began his training at the age of 10 at the Eli Kassner Academy in Toronto, then continued his classical guitar and jazz studies at Canada’s Royal Conservatory of Music at York University (Toronto), then at Berklee College of Music in the United States (Boston).

As a teenager, during his frequent visits to Arles, France, Jesse Cook became increasingly interested in the flamenco and rumba genres that could be heard on the terraces of the city’s gypsy quarter. He also discovered the music of the “Gipsy Kings”.

Over the course of his career, Jesse Cook has recorded eleven studio albums, several live CDs and DVDs. He has also won a Juno Award, as well as several Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year awards.

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Number 5 ft. Fethi Nadjem


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